The Christmas Pig
Ned and the Christmas Pig sitting by fire (AVNM)
Ned and the Christmas Pig sitting by a fire in the upcoming film A Very Ned Movie





Works with:

Ned Thunderzap
The President of America
Santa Claus

The Christmas Pig is a special C.I.A. agent who has worked with Ned on several different cases. He has made different appearances in Ned's videos. Since 2012, he has been a major character in TheWorldofNedverse.

Santa Involvement

People believe that the Christmas Pig is involved with Santa due to his Christmassy resemblance. In Ned Saves Christmas, this was confirmed due to the fact that The Christmas Pig was kidnapped with his "boss" which is Santa Claus.

CIA Involvement

During the events of A Very Ned Movie, The Christmas Pig is involved with the C.I.A. It is believed that Ned told the President about The Christmas Pig after the events of Ned Saves Christmas and since The Christmas Pig is so skilled, it is believed the President gave him a job offer.

A Very Ned Movie

The Christmas Pig is going to be the second main protagonist in the upcoming film A Very Ned Movie. Read the main article for more information.


  • In Episode I of The Lost Ned Videos, The Christmas Pig is shown for the very first time with Ned.
  • During the third and final part of Ned goes to Virginia, Ned meets up with the Christmas Pig, and ever since then, the latter has appeared frequently with Ned.